Realise your brands essence end-to-end

We are a full-service Creative Design Agency, specialising in considered concept-driven brand strategy and design for visionary founders.

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Welcome to Sherbert Lemon

From the initial stages to further development, growth, and establishment, we stand by you and your brand throughout the journey, assisting you from early challenges to long-term success and beyond. It’s what we call end-to-end working.

Explore our client's stories

What we do

As a full-service creative design agency, we help you identify your needs and audience, craft your concept and deliver it. It’s an end-to-end service.

That can include your overall strategic development or start-up growth, as well as your brand design, video, animation, website, webinar, exhibition or marketing and social campaigns.


Our end-to-end branding partnership approach

Before we go anywhere in design, we take a step back with you to understand your business, competition and market context. Our end-to-end process will identify the unique combination of creative deliverables that work for you. Then we deliver that exact combination.


More than just the fizz

Power your brand with our end-to-end long-term partnership approach. See us as the consistent, considered and creative thread that will anchor your brand in the power play space. We go for more than just the fizz. We want legacy impact for your brand.


Creativity born from strategy

As designers we know the most effective design emerging from being part of the creation of the strategy, and that’s where we’re most at home. Our design aligns to strategy on a deeper level, as if it’s our own.


Your digital engagement space

Our highly specialised team can create your engagement space for today’s audiences be it a virtual or a live show. If your strategy calls for digital engagement, that’s what we’ll design, create and deliver for you.

Video Production

Bespoke specialist delivery teams

Our biggest strength is our ability to specialise in both brand strategy and design delivery. Everyone at Sherbert Lemon is an experienced specialist in their creative field. We can build the team for the content you need.


An extension of your own team

We’re proud of our reputation as a valuable creative extension to clients’ own marketing teams. We have a very specific process for finding the sweet spot between strategy and design and that’s where we live and breath with our clients.


Elevating your digital presence

We pride ourselves on crafting exceptional online experiences that seamlessly blend form and function. Our expert team works closely with your business, becoming an indispensable extension of your marketing efforts. By balancing cutting-edge web design and strategic insights, we create engaging and user-friendly digital platforms that amplify your brand’s presence and drive measurable results.