Our Founders Story

Hear Gareth explain the end-to-end Sherbert Lemon approach to branding and design

“Great branding is about capturing the powerful fusion of business and creativity”

Gareth Martindale
Founder & CEO, Sherbert Lemon

It was the day Gareth stepped in for a lecturer at design college that the story of our branding consultancy Sherbert Lemon began.

As well as working in different design agencies around our hometown of Blackpool, Gareth also taught design before launching Sherbert Lemon.

He coached one student preparing to start a career as a freelance designer. He branded him and within a few months of finishing college that student already had his first client on board.

Based on that experience, Gareth was already seeding an idea for start ups and founders when he met celebrity entrepreneur James Caan of Dragon’s Den.

Invited to one of Caan’s seminars for entrepreneurs, Gareth knew he’d found his natural home there, in the place where creativity meets business.

That was when Gareth started to craft his unique approach for founders – his end-to-end branding partnership concept.