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Harkness Photography Logo

Harkness Photography

The Rebranding Journey of Harkness Photography

Tailored Creatives

A series of documentaries showing an Insight into Authentic Design with Checkpoint ALS

Talent & Learning

Simplifying Talent Learning at Victrex with Animated Explainer Videos


Targeting professional food & drink equipment designers and engineers with Victrex’s high performing plastic polymer solutions


Branding for the Manchester based, Cameroon origins construction company Davilor

ITV & 186 Gin

A collaboration with ITV and the No.186 Gin company


Invibio - Proven Biocompatible Implantable Medical PEEK Polymers. Invibio lead the industry in PEEK material dental implants. Using metal free, strong and lightweight solutions


Animating the advantages of Victrex XPI PEEK magnet wire coating which is changing the face of electric car design

ALS Apparel Solutions

Crafting Visual Stories for Retail Brilliance


Defining the Digital Currency Space with a Fresh Identity