ALS Apparel Solutions

Revolutionising Retail Labeling

Spotlighting ALS's pioneering approach to apparel solutions with a dynamic video showcase

ALS (Apparel Labeling Solutions) is not just any division of Checkpoint Systems. This groundbreaking solution was born out of the need to revolutionize the retail space with unparalleled innovation and efficiency.

Sitting at the heart of global retail solutions, ALS aims to address the pressing challenges faced by retailers globally. They recognized that the retail world needed more than just labels; it needed intelligent systems that could seamlessly integrate with the modern pace of the sector.

Rising from the need to adapt to the digital age, ALS came to us with a mission – not just to create a promo video, but to paint the picture of a brand that’s trailblazing the future of retail solutions.

In their journey, it wasn’t just about the technology or the labels. It was about the stories they could tell, the solutions they could offer, and the transformative impact they could bring to every retail shelf, every product, every consumer.

What sets ALS apart is its commitment to blend technology with purpose. And that purpose is to empower retailers to do more, be more, and offer more.

And so, in our journey to tell their story, we centered our focus on:

  • Creative direction and narrative
  • Strategic video content mapping
  • Engaging visuals
  • Streamlining the essence of the brand
  • The video encapsulates the journey of a product label, reflecting the ALS promise – from the manufacturing phase to the consumer’s hand.

Mirroring the precision and efficiency of ALS, the video doesn’t just showcase a system but resonates with the heart of what makes the system indispensable.

It’s not every day you get to work with a brand that’s shaping the future of retail, offering clarity in a world cluttered with products. The opportunity was as much a privilege as it was a pleasure.

A tip of the hat to the innovative minds behind ALS, from all of us at Sherbert Lemon!