Invibio - Biomaterial Solutions

‘Impact with Elegance’ Campaign

Invibio - Proven Biocompatible Implantable Medical PEEK Polymers. Invibio lead the industry in PEEK material dental implants. Using metal free, strong and lightweight solutions

Invibio asked us to create a campaign around the key features of their PEEK polymer plastic dental implant for the 2019 EAO Scientific Conference in Lisbon.

Key 5-year clinical data was being released for the debut of Invibio’s biomaterial solution for permanent and removal dental implants. The positive results spoke directly to the inherent characteristics of their PEEK polymer material.

It was both strong and flexible, light weight, shock absorbent and durable with a 99% implant survival rate. Invibio’s medical polymer also showed superior patient comfort due to its ability to mimic more closely the behaviour of a natural tooth in the mouth.

We saw it as a truly elegant solution to what was once a quite barbaric metal based approach to dental implants. We were transfixed by its innate ‘soft but strong’ qualities.

Our response was to bring in centre stage the grace, beauty and strength of the ballet dancer to the campaign and creative strategy.

“Impact with Elegance” as the campaign name sprang from the ‘soft and strong’ ballet concept which we implemented throughout the project encompassing:

  • Core concepts
  • Campaign naming and messaging
  • Web design and development
  • Brand collateral
  • Event filming
  • Video advertising

We worked with a dancer to bring to life the attributes of flexibility and strength, lightness, long lasting durability and shock absorbency.

We love this campaign as an example of our end-to-end creative approach, working from the germ of an initial idea to execution at the highest level with deliverables across all platforms.

“Sherbet Lemon always bring their A-game. They have proved to be a valuable creative extension to our B2B marketing team. They have supported us to deliver compelling targeted campaigns for LinkedIn, video and animations for Facebook, and sales tools that are helping us to engage new prospects and generate leads. They are always very professional and quick to grasp complex concepts, flexible, attentive and most importantly they are full of ideas and interest.”

Miriam Kingsley
Marketing Communications Manager