TV & No.186 Gin

Wonky Duck Gin

A collaboration with ITV and the No.186 Gin company

When No.186 Gin distillers teamed up with ITV for a Coronation Street limited edition gin, they came straight to Sherbert Lemon for inspiration on branding.

Manchester bar owners Matt and Lynsey have their own distillery under their bar and develop no-added sugar gins using all locally sourced ingredients.

Commissioned by ITV to produce a commemorative Coronation Street gin, they based it on the fruity, distinct flavours of the classic Eccles cake.

Comforting spice, hits of cinnamon and cassia, everything was in place for the ‘corrie’ gin but what to call it? Time to bring in some Sherbert Lemon zesty creative fizz!

ITV and No.186 Gin wanted subtle, sophisticated packaging which could appeal to fans and non-fans alike. Nothing too corny or gimmicky. A timeless classic.

We took on the creative strategy, naming and packaging challenge, and Wonky Duck is the result.

Our idea was the pay homage to one of The Street’s most iconic characters, Hilda Ogden and her famous flying duck ornaments. The middle one was always wonky!

Thirty-five years after they last donned her famous muriel at No 13 Coronation Street, Hilda Ogden’s beloved ducks have returned to grace the bottle of the show’s new premium gin.

We added the touch of class with the foil wrap pebbles of Coronation Street and the Wonky Duck Gin was ready to go.

We also developed the creative strategy for marketing shots on The Street. And, had the pleasure of watching Wonky Gin come to life in the Coronation Street studio!

One of our favourites from our B2C showcase.