Tailored Creative Campaign

Unveiling the intricate journey from design concept to commercial creation

Checkpoint TC Logo Visuals with guides

When Checkpoint ALS approached us with an idea – a vision to spotlight the genuine processes and stories of Designers, Illustrators, and Typographers – we understood the gravity of the task. The goal? To document the authenticity of creation and its subsequent transformation into market-ready products.

Over 9 months, in close collaboration with Checkpoint ALS’s dynamic marketing team, the concept of Tailored Creatives was born and meticulously nurtured. Every episode commences with an artist revealing the passion and dedication behind their individual projects. As viewers, we are offered a front-row seat to the metamorphosis of initial sketches into detailed designs.

But the narrative doesn’t conclude with the design. Checkpoint ALS ambitiously engages label factories and expert designers to reinterpret and reproduce these artistic marvels into tangible, commercial pieces. Our contribution lay in moulding the overarching branding that would represent this endeavour, complemented by robust social media marketing material.

Throughout the series, the spotlight remains on the artists and industry experts. Their interviews, laden with insights, inspirations, and challenges, truly are the heartbeat of this initiative. Their narrative paints a vivid picture of the interplay between raw art and its industrial transformation.

The Tailoured Creatives project, under the visionary leadership of Checkpoint ALS, has effectively bridged the gap between pure design artistry and commercial realisation. This venture stands testament to Checkpoint ALS’s commitment to valuing originality and innovation in the apparel labelling domain.

Kudos to Checkpoint ALS for pioneering such a transformative journey and to every artist and expert whose stories enriched this series. We at Sherbert Lemon were honoured to play our part in this commendable initiative.