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The Rebranding Journey of Harkness Photography

Focus, Flash, Flair: A Whirlwind Journey of Logo Revamp for Photographic Brilliance

Harkness Photography Logo

Background and Goals: Harkness Photography, a leader in capturing emotive and dynamic images, faced a unique challenge. Their existing logo, while distinctive, was not congruent with modern digital platforms, especially social media. The goal was to create a logo that not only aligns with their varied photography styles but also enhances the visual narrative of their images without dominating them.

Design Inspiration and Process: Inspired by the minimalist ethos of Swiss design, the project embarked on exploring the intersection of text and imagery. The design team delved deep into understanding how different fonts, sizes, and placements impact the coexistence of text and photographic art. This exploration was not just about aesthetics but also about ensuring practical adaptability across different media.

Client Collaboration: The process was marked by intensive collaboration with Brett Harkness and his team. These sessions were not merely transactional; they were a deep dive into the brand’s history, ethos, and the personal journey of the photographer. This collaborative approach ensured that the new logo was not just a design change but a reflection of the brand’s soul and story.


Harkness Photography Logo Presentation

Challenges and Innovations: Crafting a logo that is both prominent and subtle posed a significant challenge. The team experimented with various iterations, balancing boldness and minimalism, to create a design that complements the photographs rather than competing with them. This process involved rigorous testing across different photographic styles to ensure versatility and cohesiveness.

Client Feedback and Business Impact: The new branding has been met with resounding approval from Brett Harkness, marking a successful transition in the brand’s visual identity. The client’s enthusiasm about the rebranding reflects a broader confidence in the brand’s future direction and its alignment with the evolving market.

Conclusion: This project stands as a testament to Sherbert Lemon’s commitment to collaborative, research-driven, and client-centric design processes. The rebranded Harkness Photography logo exemplifies how thoughtful design can elevate a brand’s narrative, ensuring its relevance and appeal in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Harkness Photography Logo Presentation Research Designer and client
Harkness Photography Logo Presentation Research Designer
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