High Voltage Hairpins

Animating the advantages of Victrex XPI PEEK magnet wire coating which is changing the face of electric car design

Victrex leads the way in PEEK and PAEK polymer manufacturing which is playing a major role in increasing performance, range, functionality and reliability of electric cars.

These plastic polymer products have multiple advantages as a magnet wire coating for the rotation parts of e-motors called hairpins.

The coating is thinner than the previously used enamel coatings, meaning more space for more hairpins and a higher performing e-motor. Thermal efficiencies reduce battery costs and even eliminate certain secondary insulation materials.

We needed a technical, 100% accurate promotional video for electric car engineers and designers. The challenge was to find an engaging yet highly detailed way of conveying the many advantages.

Our response was animation. And, we needed to dive deep into the technicalities to produce an animation that could hold its own with this expert technical audience.

We collaborated closely with experts and engineers at the highest level in their field to ensure the technical accuracy of our animations.

  • Creative strategy
  • 3D animation
  • Script
  • Storyboarding

It’s an exciting project to be involved in and it’s a classic example of our end-to-end process. We deep dive to identify the creative deliverables that work for you. Then we deliver that exact combination.